Weekly Market News


Welcome to this weekly news update on the cryptocurrency market!

In addition to the weekly price analysis, this report is intended to satisfy our users’ interests in keeping up with the latest crypto news. It is a brief summary of the most important market stories that every crypto-enthusiast must know about.

We are happy to begin with very positive news! There has been a lot going on the last few days:

EOS and TRON went live on mainnet

The transition from a simple Ethereum ERC-20 token to a separate blockchain is considered an important milestone in their project development. On 31 May, Tron started its own blockchain. The same happened for EOS on 2 June. Both projects are among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. 
The announcement promises an enormous boost for the cryptocurrency market.

IOTA Trinity mobile wallet has been launched (beta)

The IOTA foundation has released the new Trinity wallet. Users of the fee-less IOT-token now have access to a mobile wallet on iOS and Android. There have been several problems with the desktop wallet in the past. Now there is hope that these problems can be solved soon. The market responds to this announcement with a price increase of IOTA of +21% in the last 7 days. 
A more user-friendly and secure wallet is a critical factor for market integration. A trouble-free transaction and a short confirmation time would make the token very valuable for IOT business models and the Industry 4.0.

Bitcoin fees remains lowest since 6 years

Big step in solving the ‘scalability problem’: Bitcoin fees have never been so cheap for the last 6 years. A single transaction now costs less than $0.06 (1 sat / byte).

Lightning transactions are even cheaper: Now you can perform instant payments on the Lightning network for less than $0.01 per transaction (<10 msat / byte). 

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