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We’re Proud to Announce our Referral Program Relaunch

One of the most popular features at Vaultoro over the years has been our referral program. Users spreading the world about us has been a key part of our success. And for that we are grateful and thank you, the Vaultoro community.

We have been working to improve the referral program to be even more rewarding and we’re proud to relaunch it today with even better rewards!

To celebrate we’re giving away 1 Kilogram of pure Gold bullion

We’re giving it to YOU and the new users you refer. Every new user you send to Vaultoro that trades more than 500 Euros will get 1/2 gram of gold FREE. And you’ll get 1/2 gram too. That’s in addition to the 20% of trading fees you earn for the next two years.

gold rewards referral program

If you don’t have a Vaultoro account yet then register yours now to get your referral link and start earning.

If you already have an account then click here to go to the referrals page and get your unique link.

Our loyal users are what made Vaultoro the world’s leading Gold and Cryptocurrency exchange. That’s why the referral program is designed to give back to our users

Josh Scigala, Vaultoro Co-Founder

We are really excited to release our upgraded referral program. We know that no one can tell our story better than our users, so we designed the referral program to reward you and your friends with Bitcoin and gold for sharing the experience. Why should we spend money with google or facebook for marketing when we can pay our members and keep the money within this great community.

To get started simply click on the referral page in your account to find your unique referral link. If you need some help, here’s a tutorial on how to find your unique referral link. Share this link with friends, family and followers then we will reward you with 20% of their trading fees for 2 years and if your referral also refers someone then you get 5% from them too!

There is no limit to the number of people you can invite. So if you have lots of friends then you can invite them all via email, social networks, or choose from a heap of different banner sizes and place them on your blog, in your email or forum signatures.

There are so many simple ways you can share the love and by doing so, you not only earn Bitcoin and gold but also help people hedge the volatility of bitcoin by instantly converting value from anywhere in the world into a true asset class, 99.95% pure gold bullion. You help your friends and followers protect their financial future from inflation of fiat currencies and help spread the use of bitcoin and gold as money.

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Store Crypto Profits in
Physical Gold

Trade Back to Crypto Anytime

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