We’ve Been Busy and the Best is Yet to Come

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It’s been months since we began working on rebuilding the backbone of the Vaultoro platform. Why did we bother? Simple. To make it better, faster, more scalable. And that means we can launch features and markets faster than ever before.

And we’ve finished the rebuild. Now we’re ready to start deploying new features and extend the current functionality and markets well beyond anything we ever planned. Hyperbole much? Seriously I’m really proud of the entire Vaultoro team and what has been accomplished.

And I’m grateful to YOU, our customers for being patient and so loyal. Vaultoro was always more than a platform. It was a dream of freedom from a failing financial system, and you believed and joined us for the journey.

So what have we done?

Our development team has been working to prepare the platform for real growth and scale. We’ve also improved our front-end framework to allow for more and faster UI improvements. As always our focus is on security and we’ve made sure we’re offering the most secure platform possible. You’ll probably have noticed some of the changes over the last weeks as we’ve been moving across but there have also been some company updates like the addition of Laurin Bylica to the Vaultoro team as Head of Business Development. Laurin comes with great experience all over the world and is a key piece in taking Vaultoro to the ext level.

We are also proud of the relaunch of our affiliate program and the response it’s getting already. We always believed in rewarding our customers and we’re glad to be able to offer such a generous program.

Refer new users to Vaultoro and you’ll both benefit

For those customers who’ve been with us for a long time there are still some features that have not returned yet. Part of this rebuild was to bring them back now.

Here’s what you can expect over the coming weeks:

  • A new version of our API
  • New monthly statement options
  • Export capabilities
  • Silver being added
  • UI enhancements
  • And a lot more!

This is a step in our plan to deliver the best possible experience to YOU and the best possible product to protect your wealth now and in the future.

Thank YOU for being part of our community, we are proud to be here.

Joshua Scigala, Co-Founder Vaultoro

Joshua Scigala CEO Vaultoro group

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