Dollar Cost Average

Dollar Cost Average

Keep things simple. Simple strategies work best long-term. You got the two best assets on the planet: gold (stability) and crypto (volatility). Both have a bright future, so you can’t make much of a mistake.

When starting, it is often best to simply buy a bit of gold/bitcoin every month. Nobody knows if the current bear market will continue for another two years, or is over tomorrow. Bitcoin has most of its moves in 10 days in a year. You need to prepare beforehand and be positioned.

The folks that had a decent split between gold/btc had left some buying power and could buy more bitcoins in the 2018, 2019 bear market.

Do some research. Dollar Cost Average and then HODL. Some of our best traders and long-term investors keep a constant gold:crypto ratio and adjust from time to time. Think of gold/btc on sale when it goes down, don’t panic.

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