When Will the Next Gold Rush Occur?

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Looking back in history, the gold rushes of the 19th and 20th century are the stuff of legends.  Many people are wondering when there will be a modern day gold rush. As it turns out, there have been quite a few this century as well. 

What is a Gold Rush Again?

As the name suggests, a gold rush is often triggered when gold is discovered in a place where it was previously deemed absent. This discovery often occurs when rare-earth minerals are discovered, as those seem to go hand-in-hand with precious metals more often than not.

Following the discovery of such deposits, miners will often block to these locations. That is the “rush” part, as dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of individuals will make their way to new places to extract gold and other minerals. Whether they will be successful or not, is a different matter altogether.

Given the amount of gold already extracted from the earth, a modern day gold rush seems unlikely. However, there have been a few gold rushes in the 21 century as well. There are still plenty of locations where gold is waiting to be pulled out of the ground. Finding those locations can be challenging, but it’s far from impossible.

Notable 21st Century Gold Rushes

Mongolia has been home to a modern day rush in the year 2011. This event is often referred to as the Great Mongolian Gold Rush. As is to be expected, illegal mining became a big problem in the regions. Thousands of families tried to extract gold from the earth as quickly as possible. To this day, these efforts are still ongoing, despite very rough and dangerous working conditions. 

There were not one, but two gold rushes involving the Amazon river. One took place in Brazil – the 2006 Apul Gold Rush, with 500,00 miners working in the gold mines along the river. The other, known as the Peruvian Amazon gold rush, took place in 2009. It too triggered sheer destruction of the Amazon rainforest. Illegal mining is still going on in both countries, as there is still money to be made despite the risks. 

Last but not least, there is the more recent Tibesti Mountains gold rush. It spans three African regions: Chad, Libya, and Niger; Initially, this rush started in 2012, but it has not come to an end just yet. This mountain range is a known gold hotspot, with bigger deposits discovered in 2012. It has also been the scenery of three modern day wars. 

Finding the Next Location

Based on these historic developments, it is possible a new major search for gold will occur soon. Where that may be, is difficult to predict, A lot of gold and silver is being produced in Russia, Latin America, and so forth. Africa could still hold big reserves, but gaining a foothold as an outsider is virtually impossible

One interesting aspect to consider is how there may be ample gold reserves below seas and oceans. Tapping into those deposits will be both challenging and risky. It is something bold miners may explore in the near future, however. 

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