Where Is Your Gold Secured?

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One of the most common comments we hear is “When I buy gold I would like to buy physical gold that I can hold in my hands.” This is great and we also recommend it, but holding a large amount of gold at home can be insecure and dangerous for you and your family.

Insurance companies do one thing really well and that is compiling the hard facts and calculating the probabilities which are then presented as different insurance costs for different risk levels. There is a big reason why insuring gold at home is far more expensive than securing gold in a top-tier professional vaulting facility: The risks of securing your wealth professionally are orders of magnitude less than securing it at home.

We at Vaultoro use one of Europe’s largest gold vaulting facilities (Pro Aurum) to secure our clients assets. Currently we have an order book for gold secured in the Switzerland Vaults and we will be opening more markets to trade gold secured in different jurisdictions.

Pro Aurum’s vaults are so secure that even banks secure gold in them. Why? Because normal bank vaults are not at the same security level as Pro Aurum’s vaults. The only bank that has a similar security rating is the Deutsche Bundesbank (german federal reserve).

If you are ever in Munich, do yourself a favor and visit the Pro Aurum Gold House and showroom.

The building was designed by architect Rainer Freitag together with the founders of Pro Aurum Robert Hartmann and Mirco Schmidt, to be around 7,500 cubic meters or approximately as big as all the gold ever mined in the world.

The outside gold paneling of the building is made from old recycled Deutsche Mark coins, the currency that Germany had before the Euro was introduced.

To let light into the offices, giant gold shutters slide out and up, folding up like wings.

You can see more about this award winning building here.

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